Community Development Office

Goal: Empowering Communities to improve their socio-economic
situations through self help initiatives


  1. Linking Church Community Groups to employment opportunities
  2. Inculcating entrepreneur skills and extending support for small scale business opportunities towards socio-economic development
  3. Making environment Green by helping church communities to grow vegetable and fruit gardens and plant indigenous trees


  1. We collect information regarding job advertisements from newspaper clips, facilitate young people for job interviews, network with government institutions and Non-government organizations to explore the available job opportunities.
  2. We grow green fodder, vegetable, fruit trees and indigenous plants on our available church lands in villages and urban dwellings.
  3. We conduct seminars and community meetings on agriculture farming in rural and urban areas.
  4. We extend career counseling to young graduates towards making informed choices for pursuing their professions.
  5. We construct self-help groups and liaison with them towards initiating small scale business
  6. We promote the use of organize food and healthy living among our communities through seminars and resource sharing of urdu literature on healthcare

Success Stories

June 11, 2019

Keneth (56)

Keneth (56) did not have any means to earn sustenance and he was in extreme depression when the local Church Pastor Akram Gill along with John Joseph,
June 11, 2019

Chaman (62)

Chaman (62), a farmer and an illiterate man did not have the required knowledge to grow tube roses and vegetables. While participating
June 11, 2019

Pervaiz (33)

Pervaiz (33) was working at a Brick-kiln and was quite unhappy with his work but he knew a a skill in stitching and sewing. He shared