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Lahore Diocese has a marvelous history dating back to mid 19th century in the Indian Sub-Continent as attested by its bishopric monument Cathedral Church of the Resurrection constructed in 1887. The historical records inform that Lahore Diocese was carved out of Calcutta Diocese, which was the largest of all Anglican Diocese established in 1813 by the Charter Act of the British Parliament encompassing terririoties of the East India Company, South Africa and Srilanka and was also then extended to include Australia as well.

Bishop Cotton of Calcutta Diocese visited Lahore in 1864 and deliberated on the question of constructing a better church building in Lahore that was considered to be an important station, at that time, St.James Church was not suitable in size and position, however the dream could not be materialized. Bishop’s Cotton Successor’s Bishop Milman was rigorously involved in his pastoral ministry, paid numerous visits across the diocese and patiently coped with a large diocese and unfortunately he was caught with the illness of dysntery that had become cause of his death. Paying tribute to the undeterred service commitments of Bishop Milmann, it was decided to create a new diocese as a memorial to Milmann, which was endowed by a fund raised in England.

These are the foundational commitments of the great ancestors that gave birth to the creation of Lahore Diocese in 1877 by the Act of the British Parliament. The Rt Rev Thomas Valpy French was the first Bishop of Lahore Diocese. The construction of Lahore Cathedral was materialized by Bishop French, who gathered funds for the building work with his undettered commitment and devoted labour. With the years’ long struggle of Bishop French and his team, the year 1877 saw the consecration of Lahore Cathedral on 25th January 1887.

Over the years, 9 Bishops served the diocese with their utmost zeal and devoted services having experienced challenging and constraining times but they kept the sailing of the diocese continuing. At present, The Rt. Rev. Nadeem Kamran consecrated as the 10th Bishop of Lahore in September 2012, has been spearheading the pastoral ministries and shepherding 85 Church Parishes and 29 Educational Institutes and Technical Vocational Centre Narrowal functional under the Lahore Diocese Board of Education.

Dr. Thomas Valpy French was in India since 1851, was the first Bishop of Lahore Diocese

First Bishop
Thomas Valpy
1877 - 1887

Second Bishop
Henry James
1888 - 1898

Third Bishop
George Alfred
1899 - 1913

Fourth Bishop
Henry Bickersteth
1913 - 1932

Fifth Bishop
George Dunsforth
1932 - 1949

Sixth Bishop
Lawrence Henry
1949 - 1968

Seventh Bishop
1968 - 1980

Eighth Bishop
Dr. Alexander
John Malik

Ninth Bishop
Irfan Jamil
2012 - 2022