Program for Empowerment of Women (PEW) Women Fellowship Church of Pakistan Lahore Diocese (WFCOPLD)

On-going Activities

Vision Statement

Aims at improving and advancing the status of Christian Women in Pakistan through community based projects following welfare approach

Women Desk

Women Desk is responsible to run programs tailored to address the practical needs of WFCOPLD. The following components are integrated towards attaining the vision of PEW.

Women Visibility in Church Life – Faith Formation through Bible Reading

Women Fellowship Groups of Churches are engaged in Bible Readings Circles in order to provide friendly spaces to church women to gather, share their challenges and learn from each other. Faith values are incorporated through these study groups.

Provision of Socio-Economic Opportunities to Women

Skill Training Programs such as Sewing and Stitching, Beautician, Computer Literacy are offered to women situated in villages and semi urban areas of Lahore Diocese.

Addressing Practical Health Needs of Womenfolk and Young Girls

Keeping in view the practical health needs of Women in Pakistan, health meetings and community seminars are conducted in rural areas and urban slums for the grass roots communities with the focus on preventive healthcare.

First Aid Trainings and Community Healthcare – Involvement of Youth Groups

Capacity Building Training Workshops on First Aid Life Saving Techniques are conducted for rural communities and youth groups.

Adult Literacy for Women Groups

In order to contribute towards the eradication illiteracy among women, Adult Literacy are opened to equip women with functional literacy in reading, writing Urdu and basic mathematics.