Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ
through Evangelism, Spiritual Growth and Socioeconomic Advancement.

Present & Tenth Bishop of Lahore
The Rt Rev Nadeem Kamran



The leaders are the servants of God to serve people towards the promotion and protection of humanity and advancement of our shared well-being.

The leaders are ‘’PACE SETTER’’ and my pace for the Diocese is as follows:

P   Prayer and Partnership

Prayer is an integral part of our ministry to draw strength from God in each and every movement of our life. Prayer is a power station of our strength that enables us to spend time with God for every detail of the Diocese. Partnership is very vital for the Diocese. We need to take people with us and find ways and means to work together in partnership without compromises.

A   Accountability and Acceptance

It is very important for the growth of work in all our activities we need to be transparent and conscious of our calling and duties. Our Diocese has people havig with talents and potentials and we need to acknowledge and accept them that will help us to grow together.

C   Christ -centered and concentration (Focus)

Our Ministry needs to be Christ centered. Christ is the head of the church and we need to work under His authority to achieve the desired goals by diligently focusing on our ministry.

E   Evangelism and Energetic

The Lahore Diocese is an Evangelical Diocese. It emphasizes on evangelism through actions by adhering to our spiritual calling that You are ‘Salt and Light’ of the world. The work which God has entrusted to us we need to do it with enthusiasm. Whatever you do, do it as unto God.

Let us work together for the glory of God.

The Rt Rev Nadeem Kamran

Bishop of Lahore


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